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Final stretch of the Christmas Campaign

UAS Tantaka encourages faculty, staff and students to participate in the Christmas Campaign with non-perishable food items.

16/12/13 16:56 Chus Cantalapiedra
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Food, clothes and toys can be left in the containers placed in the different buildings. PHOTO: Manuel Castells

Universitarios por la financial aid Social (UAS) and Tantaka have launched, since the end of November, the Christmas campaign. They are collecting non-perishable food, as well as new toys and clothes in good condition, which will be donated to the Food Bank of Navarra, Red Cross and Caritas.

The organization has seen that the volume of food is lower than that of toys and clothes. For this reason, they especially encourage the university community to participate by donating food to the extent of their possibilities.

Containers have been placed in the different buildings: Amigos, Library Services Antigua, Hexagon Building, Los Castaños, Arquitectura, Comunicación, sports center and CIMA. The campaign will end on December 20, in order to distribute the donations before Christmas.

Also, UAS-Tantaka volunteers will facilitate the registration in the Solidarity Time Bank to those who are encouraged to collaborate in any of the areas of work of this association: elderly, people with disabilities, social integration, school support or defense of life.