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"The data analysis and technology will be��n the great pillars of the advertising business of the future."

Alfonso Rodés Vilà, CEO of Havas average, first guest executive of Master's Degree Ejecutivo en management de Empresas de Comunicación (MEGEC)

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17/01/14 20:05 Helena Cebrián

Alfonso Rodés Vilà, CEO of Havas average Group, reviewed his professional career and analyzed the keys to the future of the advertising sector, during a session with the current students of the Master's Degree Executive in management of Communication Companies (MEGEC).

The analysis of the large amount of data available on consumers will be one of the main pillars of the advertising business, "together with the technology needed to process all this information," explained Alfonso Rodés. The Catalan executive is today the top manager of the French multinational, the first in that country and the fifth in the world, which has more than 7,500 workers and a presence in 126 countries.

Another focus of this business will be the ability to take advantage of all available media and channels "and to understand that the barriers between content and advertising will become increasingly blurred," he said. In response to questions from the students, the businessman explained that "the online advertising business has yet to consolidate and will vary greatly from one country to another" and about advertising on smartphones, he said that no one has yet found the right formula, since today "it is intrusive and annoying".

During his speech, Alfonso Rodés also revealed some of the keys to Havas' expansion average to the MEGEC students. Among them, "maintaining organic growth through start-ups start ups more agile than that of skill, and understanding that all the company's professionals are equally valuable to the whole".

From Catalonia to Latin America and the world

Alfonso Rodés began his professional career in banking and entered the advertising sector in 1996, as a director of average Planning, a family company. "The most exciting thing about my profession is starting from scratch in a different country," he explained to the students as he recounted the expansion of average Planning in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina during those years.

In 2001 the merger with Havas average, the French multinational, took place, and from there on alliances that have allowed this business to be the first business of advertising in Latin America and Asia and the third in Europe.