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European study to improve the eating habits of patients with diabetes subject 2

Researchers from four countries, led by Full Professor of the University Miguel Ruiz-Canela, develop a program educational on nutrition and culinary medicine.

PhotoManuelCastells/From left to right: Jara Domper (BCC Innovation), Betty Wang (European Food Information Council), Maria Patsea (Center for Social Innovation), Usune Etxeberria (BCC Innovation), Leticia Goñi (University of Navarra), Miguel Ruiz-Canela (University of Navarra), Aitor Acilu (University of Navarra) and Blanca Torres (Novo Nordisk Diabetes Foundation).

17 | 02 | 2023

Researchers from four European countries are participating in the project Cook2DIAbeat, whose goal is to develop a program from Education to improve the eating habits of patients with diabetes subject 2. Led by Dr. Miguel Ruiz-Canela, Full Professor and director of department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the University of Navarra, it involves scientists from five other centers: BCC Innovation (Spain), the Novo Nordisk Diabetes Foundation (Spain), PROLEPSIS (Greece), the Center for Social Innovation (Cyprus) and the European Food Information Council (Belgium). 

The Cook2DIAbeat program, whose initial meeting was held at the University of Navarra, will combine knowledge in nutrition and culinary medicine adapted to the needs of people with diabetes subject 2 and their families. In addition, it will be useful for health professionals who must advise patients with this pathology on the importance of per diem expenses and other lifestyles in the control of their disease. The project will provide a free online course.

The novelty of the initiative is that it is based on co-design and co-creation with patients and their families. In the words of Dr. Leticia Goñi, "it is essential to involve people with diabetes and their families from the beginning so that they are part of the development of project". For her part, Blanca Torres, from the Novo Nordisk Diabetes Foundation, emphasizes that "the foundation has a long history focused on the training of professionals and people with diabetes and this project is an opportunity to continue advancing in this line". 

The innovation of work also lies in giving greater prominence to the culinary aspect, since "it is a fundamental practical knowledge that allows us to go from knowing which foods are the most suitable to how to prepare them, taking into account the best culinary techniques", as Dr. Usune Etxeberria, researcher at BCC Innovation, emphasizes.