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In the shoes of Marta Olaizola, University Student Delegate


29 | 09 | 2023


"We delegates don't go around saying 'We've done this, this and this for you,' so many students don't know what we do." Marta Olaizola, a 4th year Psychology student, is the new University delegate. Today we put ourselves in the shoes of this Bilbao lasagna lover and "team Shakira".

1.- Favorite book, song and movie.
Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl; Hotel California by Eagles; and Life is Beautiful.

2.- Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Hopefully in the palliative care area of a hospital.

3.- Where would you like to retire?
In Bilbao... you have to go back home.

4.- Favorite corner of campus?
Well, this place (Central's patio).

5.- Favorite place in the world?
It's not so much the place, but the people... So anywhere, as long as I can be with my people: from the cliffs next to my house, to the crappiest cafeteria in the world.

6.- What would you take with you to a desert island?
A knife, a lighter and a picture of my family.

7.- Which current personality would you have a coffee with?
With Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

8.- Why do you study what you study?
Because I have always known that I want to take care of people.

9.- A hobby?
Sports in general, especially basketball; having a drink with my friends and reading.

10.- Team Shakira or team Piqué?
Team Shakira, 100%.

11.- What is your motto?
"Nothing ever happens and if it does, so what? And if it does, so what?".

12.- Favorite Disney Princess?
When I was little I was always Sleeping Beauty... I'm going to stay there.

13.- Do you have any fear?
Scary movies... It makes sense, doesn't it?

14.- Hogwarts House?
Gryffindor, 100%.

15.- If you could eliminate one thing from the world, what would it be?
The easy opener. It never works.

16.- You and three historical characters playing mus. Who would they be?
Charles Chaplin, Queen Elizabeth II and Gandhi.
And your partner? Chaplin, right?
Come on, yes, Chaplin.

17.- Your wedding day. World Cup Final. Spain. You have not chosen the day... What do you do?
Well, we project it.
Imagine that the guests don't like it...
Yeah, but I'm the bride.

18.- What historical moment would you have liked to live?
The end of the Spanish Civil War... or the founding of Athletic de Bilbao. I wouldn't know how to decide.

19.- Favorite food?
My father's lasagna.

20.- Sportsman who inspires you?
Aritz Aduriz.