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The University receives the international recognition "Green Flag Award".

It is the second Spanish entity and the first university campus to receive this quality certification for the management of green areas.

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The Vice President María Iraburu, together with the management team of the campus of the University of Navarra. PHOTO: Mariaje Ruiz
17/07/18 10:00

The University of Navarra has been awarded the international award 'Green Flag Award', a recognition of the management integral of its green areas. The award places the campus of this academic center as one of the best parks in the world for the level of excellence in its management, and joins the 1883 parks in the United Kingdom that have this distinction, which only 23 parks outside its borders have received.

It is also the second largest Spanish entity, after the Zaragoza Water Park, and the second largest in Spain, after the Zaragoza Water Park., and the first university campus to receive this quality certification in Spain.

The international award recognizes that campus is managed to high environmental standards, is very well maintained and maintained and is excellent for welcoming visitors.

To achieve this, the correct management must be accredited in various areas, such as access to open, green and quality places, gardening care, safety, environment or future plans, among others. The University of Navarra presented its management plan for campus, which was reviewed by an international jury, which visited campus to see in situ the management of its green areas on May 18.

This award is managed by "Keep Britain Tidy", an institution that belongs to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government of the United Kingdom. The international manager of the "Green Flag Award", Paul Todd, has assured that "each of the flags that are awarded honor the employees and volunteers who work to maintain the level required by the organization to access this award".

The lungs of Pamplona, with 4,190 trees of 173 species

With its 113 hectares of land, the campus of the University of Navarra is the largest park in the city of Pamplona, with more than 4,190 trees of 173 different species, in addition to a great variety of shrub species. More than 20 animal species (of significant size) are commonly identified at campus. It also has a botanical route that can be followed while strolling through its facilities.

The campus of Pamplona is one of the main assets of the University of Navarra, constituting an attraction for students and other visitors to the academic center. "The University of Navarra is aware of the important role that its campus plays in the landscape and diversity of the city of Pamplona, and is especially committed to preserving the richness and beauty of this lung of the city," says Guillermo García del Barrio, director de Ordenación del Campus. 

Environmental sustainability, a pillar of project Horizon 2020

Environmental sustainability is one of the pillars of the University of Navarra's project Horizon 2020. "We want to foster among employees and students a special sensitivity to environmental issues, creating a culture that is shown both in the facilities and in the habits and training that is taught," explains García del Barrio.

In this sense, work is being done to save energy and water in buildings, to reduce CO2 emissions in the facilities, and to reduce the impact of noise at campus. Sustainablemobility and habits along the lines of the "three Rs" (recycle, reduce, reuse) are also encouraged, closely linked to the use manager of resources such as water, electricity, paper or the incorporation of reusable cups and bags. In addition, the creation of an urban vegetable garden is proposed, as well as the implementation of biodiversity squares as a way of promoting and integrating the variety of landscapes in Navarre in campus .