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On Wednesday, September 23, join solidariun15!

More than forty associations and solidarity organizations from Navarre will present their work to students, professors and professionals of the University.

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A moment of Solidariun, last year. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
17/09/15 09:42 Chus Cantalapiedra

The University of Navarra celebrates on September 23 its traditional workshop Solidariun, a day dedicated to solidarity and volunteer activities in which around forty associations and solidarity organizations of Navarra will participate.

From 10 a.m. until 1 p.m., students, teachers and employees will be able to learn first-hand about the work of these associations.

At 13h. will be held a roundtable with the participation of several international cooperation volunteers: Carmen Irutita, Mª Victoria Pérez Cavia, Inés Barragán, Josep Mª Nicolás Bellot and María Caprille. They will talk about their experience in different countries.

Finally, we will proceed to the submission of award Solidariun 2015 which is awarded to a person or entity for their involvement with the volunteer activities of Tantaka and Tantaka Inclusion.

At 14h. will take place a solidarity paella, whose benefits will go to finance the project Tegucigalpa, of the Archbishopric of Pamplona, which financial aid to children and young people in Honduras. Those interested in participating can purchase their ticket, for 5€, at reception of Sciences Building and at the Tantaka Office at Central Building.

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Do not miss everything that happens in Solidariun. You can follow @tantakaunav on Twitter until the 22nd with the label #solidariun15. Among all the accounts that tweet with this label will be chosen the one that has spread it the most. The administrator of that account will win its weight in Lacturale milk, which will be donated to the dining room Paris 365.

You can also follow the activity on Facebook.

The same day of Solidariun we will use the label #soysolidariun.