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"The management Quality System must be fully linked to the values of the business"

Arantza Maquirriain, Director of Human Resources and Quality at Conor Bikes, explains to students of Degree in management Applied the importance of implementing a Quality System management that serves as an opportunity to continue growing.


17 | 10 | 2022

"A business is nothing if we don't have a team of people eager to learn and improve things", said Arantza Maquirriain, Director of Human Resources and Quality at Conor Bikes, at the University. Her words are part of the session she gave to second year students of the Degree in management Applied Management entitled "Conor is written with 'C' for quality", within the subject management Business.

For Maquirriain, who transmitted his message with vibrant enthusiasm, "the management Quality System must be totally linked to the values of business". And he affirms that the process to obtain the recognition should not be seen as an accumulation of papers, because the rules and regulations is an opportunity to continue growing: "It helps me to know who I am, where I am, where I am going and who is with me".

Arantza Maquirriain

The importance of continuous measurement

During his exhibition he explained the importance of the improvement process at Conor Bikes and how his quality plan was developed. He emphasized the importance of continuous measurement and established three steps: study what processes we have, how we are going to measure them and, finally, the essay of the quality guide .

In his message he said that the strength of his commitment was based on getting the team involved: "If I say that my business is committed to people, I have to care about them. Empowering people improves their lives. Your people must be trained and informed. You have to spend time with them. If you do it right, the result is multiplied by 10. The core topic of success is in being part of the reality of the colleague next to you".

He also stressed the value of reviewing the context once a year, as well as the stakeholders, through an audit. "This is core topic for rule. If I want to know if the people on the team are aligned with my strategy, I need someone from outside to tell me how I am doing. This is the only way we believe what we say, do what we say and believe in what we do".