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MUN celebrates LEAD Creative, an international conference on creativity and leadership organized by UN students.

The event, coordinated by group of 48 students, will be held from 25 to 27 March in a hybrid format: on-site (20 euros) and online (free).

FotoManuelCastells/One of the sessions of the first edition of LEAD Creative, at the MUN Theatre.

18 | 03 | 2022

From 25 to 27 March, the University of Navarra Museum will host the II edition of LEAD Creative, an international conference to address the development of leadership through creativity and to face current professional and social challenges. The event, which last year brought together more than 900 participants from 13 countries, is promoted by a group of 48 students from the University of Navarra, aged 18 to 23. Specifically, students from Schools of Law, Economics, Medicine, speech, Philosophy and Letters and School of Architecture are taking part.

Once again this year, the festival has opted for a hybrid format, in person and online, to bring proposal to campus, to Pamplona, and to any other place in the world. Tickets for attend cost 20 euros and online access is free. They can be purchased on the event's website, where more details and the programme can be consulted.

For this edition, more than 20 international conferences and workshops have been programmed, as well as networking activities, concerts and challenges, with the participation of professionals from different sectors, teachers and students. On Friday, it will be held from 17:00 to 21:00; and on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 21:00. Some of the speakers who will participate in this edition, and topics to be addressed in this edition are: Ralph Eggleston, director artistic of Pixar; Alessandro Rancati, partner of the European Commission in the cultural initiative New European Bauhaus; Antonio Espinosa de los Monteros, CEO of project social AUARA; Marian Rojas, psychiatrist and writer; Cecilia Bercovich, violinist and viola; Roberto Álvarez, founder and CEO of Landeros Motors; Ruth Vera, oncologist; Carlos Bausá, architect of Zaha Hadid Architects; and Juan Manuel Correa, motor racing driver; among others.

Participants from Universidad Panamericana (Mexico); Universidad Hemisferios (Ecuador); Universidad de Monterrey (Mexico); Universidad de Piura (Peru), Universidad de los Andes (Colombia), Strathmore University (Kenya), Pan-Atlantic University (Nigeria) and the University of Asia and The Pacific (Philippines) will also take part.

As Fernando Palau Andrés, student of 4th year Law and International Office and member of the Lead Creative board of directors, explains, the event "emerges as a community of leading and creative students committed to the challenges that society presents. With the participation of companies, professionals, artists and teachers, the goal is to present an ideal climate where creativity, leadership, ideas, new projects, networking, talent, entrepreneurship and many other skills needed to lead a social transformation and meet the challenges of today and tomorrow are fostered. Here, the responsibility, commitment and awareness of the whole team is core topic to bring about an improvement in society".

Among the new features of this year's edition, the technological improvement stands out: "This edition presents a 3D model of the facilities of the University of Navarra Museum, full of means and instruments to encourage active participation, direct contact , and the possibility of communicating with the speakers and people connected from any corner of the world".

Patricia Chouciño Brindis, director of speech of the event and student of 3rd year of International Office underlines that LEAD Creative, although it is specially designed for university students, is not only addressed to young people, but to any professional, since "creativity is for everyone. It's a different way of thinking and it doesn't matter the field".

He also points out that they want "the Lead Creative community to be permanent over time, not just for these three days, but throughout the year there will continue to be people involved, in the blog that we have started this year and in social networks, and that networking will leave doors open to new opportunities all over subject. This is not only fostered by the activities we have organised, but also by allowing areas for interaction with the other participants during breaks, and in the leisure time during meals, concerts and other surprises".

Her classmate Isabel Bistué Alzola, a 5th year law student International Office and member of the board of directors, points out that they are trying to convey two ideas to all participants core topic: "Get out of your comfort zone and pursue your ideas". The organisation of this event has meant for this group group of students to face different challenges, at a logistical and organisational level, which has provided them with great lessons and strengthened their capacity of work as a team: "Being able to carry out this project, with all the inconveniences and challenges that have arisen during these months, is the best example we can have of what we want to transmit this year in LEAD Creative: make it happen!