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The School of Nursing closes the Master's Degree in Palliative Care Nursing.

This is the third graduating class of 10 new postgraduates.

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Academic personalities together with the postgraduates.
PHOTO: Manuel Castells
18/06/14 13:49 Miriam Salcedo

The School of Nursing of the University of Navarra celebrated last June 13 the graduation of the III Promotion of the Master's Degree in Palliative Care Nursing (MECP), a total of 10 postgraduates.

Francisco Gay, IESE professor, gave the keynote address at speech , emphasizing the duty of service to society that comes with having received this training and encouraged the postgraduates to exercise their work with the responsibility and enthusiasm to be"leaders of evolution, progress and social change.

The delegate of the graduating class , María Olaz, then took the floor. In her speech she expressed her gratitude for the human and scientific training received, together with the professionalism, availability and closeness of the professors and the staff organizer of the masters. In this line he emphasized that in the Master's Degree they have been able to "count on highly qualified teachers, nationally and internationally recognized, who have been able to transmit knowledge about palliative care with great affection". At the same time, she highlighted "the professional growth and staff that you experience once you have finished the Master's Degree", since, according to the Pamplona native, "it makes you realize what is really important in our lives".

The event, which also closed the IV Master's Degree in Advanced internship and management in Nursing, was chaired by the then dean of the School, María Isabel Saracíbar, who was accompanied by the directors of the masters María Arantzamendi (MECP) and Navidad Canga (MPAGE), Fa and the General Manager of the School José María Arévalo.

Students of the III Master's Degree in Nursing in Palliative Care

Alazne Belar Beitia
Ana Martínez Ibáñez
Edier Mauricio Arias Rojas
Jaime Gándara Astray
Jesús Martín Martín
Maddalen González de Chávarri Ostolaza
María Olaz Camino
María Santos Sánchez
María Yagüe Muñoz