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The startup "Somnium SleepCo" at the InÍciate 2023 Awards

Four students from the University of Navarra receive the second prize award for the best university technology business idea.

18 | 07 | 2023

"Somnium SleepCo", a start-up created by group of students from the University of Navarra that aims to contribute to improving people's sleep, has received the second prize award for the "best university technology business idea" in the InÍciate Awards, promoted by the Government of Navarra, through the European Business and Innovation Center of Navarra (CEIN).

The award received consists of an economic amount of 2,000 euros that can be invested in the development of the business idea, and participation for six months in the acceleration program Health of CEIN.

This initiative has been promoted by four students of the University of Navarra(Maria Paula Flores, 4th of Biochemistry + Science and Business Program; Amyra Farez, 3rd ADE + Law; Juliana Mira, 2nd ADE + Innovation and Entrepreneurship; and Fausto Padilla Morales, 3rd Audiovisual Communication) and obtained this recognition among more than forty projects that have made up the ninth edition of the InÍciate Awards.

"It is very gratifying to see once again that our idea is well received and this reinforces that we are on the right track and that our effort to make our programs of study compatible with this business is worth it for all the people we will be able to help both with our first device, Somnium Sleep Aid, and in the long term deadline", says Maria Paula Flores, a member of the team.

Somnium Sleep Aid: a smart diffuser to improve sleep quality

This emerging startup will have as its first product Somnium Sleep Aid, an intelligent sleepteaching assistant that through different technologies (aromatherapy, light therapy and sound therapy), monitoring and personalized analysis, seeks to improve people's sleep in a natural way. This product is designed for anyone with problems to fall asleep and maintain a good sleep hygiene, both for those who have mild or chronic problems.

"Thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and data analysis be able to achieve sleep personalization by using the data for a complete monitoring staff, apply the technologies at the right time and give recommendations to the Username for an improvement of their sleep hygiene specific to their needs."

The goal of this team is to go to market in 2025, and until then they will work to seek funding and investors, in parallel to the technological, legal and administrative development of their business idea.