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The new Master's Degree at research Biomedical is among the best in Spain in its field. specialization program

The ranking of 'El Mundo' highlights the specialization of students in Cancer, research Translational, Neurosciences and Cognition and Nutrition and Metabolism.

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Brochures of the new Master's Degree in research Biomedical in a workshop of presentation.
PHOTO: University of Navarra
19/06/14 09:00 Laura Latorre

The newMaster's Degree in research Biomedical of the University of Navarra, which was presented yesterday in Madrid, is among the best of its kind specialization program in Spain, according to the latest ranking of postgraduates prepared by 'El Mundo'. The newspaper emphasizes that students can specialize in four areas: Cancer, research Translational, Neurosciences and Cognition, and Nutrition and Metabolism.

In total, eleven master's degrees from the University of Navarra are among the best in Spain. In this way, the academic center improves positions with respect to last year, when 9 programs were included in postgraduate program.

For the preparation of this study, the journal has assessed the opinions of more than 600 experts and more than 1,200 degrees offered by universities and other entities, and 26 criteria have been taken into account, covering factors such as the demand for Master's Degree, human resources, Study program, the results obtained by students and the material resources of each postgraduate program. 

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