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The masters of the School of Communication lead their specialties in Spain, according to the ranking of El Mundo.

MCPC, first; MEGEC and MGA, second.

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19/06/14 10:11 Álvaro Pérez Arieta

The Master's Degree programs of the University of Navarra's CommunicationSchool lead their respective categories among the best in Spain, according to the annual ranking published by the newspaper El Mundo. The Master's Degree in Political and Corporate Communication continues one more year as issue one, while the Master's Degree Executive in management of Communication Companies and the Master's Degree in Audiovisual Scriptwriting (which enters for the first time in the ranking), are in second position in their respective categories.

professor El Mundo's ranking once again places Master's Degree in Political and Corporate Communication (MCPC) in first place in the 'Specialized Information' category, which includes a one-month stay at the Graduate School of Political Management of the George Washington University and a week in Brussels.

For its part, the Master's Degree Executive in management of Communication Companies (MEGEC) repeats in second place in the category of 'business Informative'. The ranking especially values the weeks of intensive class with IESE in Madrid and New York and the important relationship with industry professionals that is reflected, among other things, in the work sessions held with students during their regular visits to the program in Madrid.

The novelty on this occasion comes from the incursion of Master's Degree in Audiovisual Screenwriting (MGA) in this classification, after fulfilling the requirement of years with its fourth edition. And it does so with a direct entrance to the second position in its category ('Audiovisual'). group It is worth highlighting the small number of students and their relationship with industry professionals, generating clear networking opportunities, with the visits of professionals to Pamplona and with the program's visits to Madrid, as in the defenses of their audiovisual projects before the courts composed of screenwriters, producers and directors.

In total, eleven master's degrees from the University of Navarra are among the best of their specialization program in Spain, according to the latest ranking of postgraduate degrees prepared by El Mundo. In total, the newspaper has analyzed the opinions of more than 600 experts and more than 1,200 degrees offered by universities and other entities. The academic center has improved its position with respect to last year, which included nine of the University's master's degrees. For the preparation of this study, 26 criteria were taken into account, covering factors such as the demand for Master's Degree, human resources, Study program, the results obtained by students and the material resources of each postgraduate program.