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The book "Citizenship and the Pursuit of the Worthy Life", published by Cambridge University Press, is presented.

The event took place at framework of the third edition of the Ethics & Society Forum at the Institute for Culture and Society

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PHOTO: Manuel Castells
20/02/15 15:13 ICS

On the framework of the third edition of the "Ethics & Society Forum" of the. Institute for Culture and Society, the book 'Citizenship and the Pursuit of the Worthy Life' (Cambridge University Press, 2014) was presented on February 17.

Speakers were David Thunder, author and researcher of project 'Religion and Civil Society'; Mariano Crespo, researcher of project 'Natural law and rationality internship' '; and Alfredo Cruz, professor of department of Philosophy.

The session was moderated by Montserrat Herrero, senior researcher at project 'Religion and Civil Society' and professor of Philosophy politics.

In the volume, Dr. Thunder aims to "combat the separatist mentality" that "considers public life as if it were an aspect completely apart from life staff, professional, ethical or religious". 

A holistic view of the citizen

As a solution, the researcher of the project 'Religion and Civil Society' proposes in the work a holistic vision of the citizen, which integrates civic roles and activities in the broadest sense of a person's life.

To overcome the problem of the separation between the political role and citizens' search for a dignified life, which manifests itself in "apathy and disaffection for public life," the ICS's researcher proposes in the book his vision of what it means to be a good citizen: "It does not only mean voting, paying taxes or taking an interest in local politics; it implies a 'question staff'. There are many ways to be a good citizen, such as owning a business that contributes to the common good in society."