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Selected for an international course of training for young researchers.

Marina Bárcena, 4th year student of Biochemistry , is one of the 25 students selected to collaborate with prestigious scientists during the summer.

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Marina Barcena
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20/03/14 11:19 Laura Latorre

group Marina Bárcena, 4th year student of Biochemistry of the University of Navarra, has been selected to be part of a select group of students to participate in the Vienna Biocenter Summer School. An international program that takes place during the summer months in the capital of Austria, and offers young scientists the opportunity to train with renowned researchers in a dynamic environment.

Bárcena, who is currently on an Erasmus stay at the University of Plymouth, received the news with enthusiasm:"I didn't expect to get the scholarship because of the high issue of applications, so I confirmed that I would attend, without hesitation, the same day I was admitted to the program," she confesses.

The scholarship she refers to consists of a stay from June 27 to August 30 at the Vienna Biocenter Summer School, and covers travel and accommodation, as well as a monthly fee of 800 euros. As Marina explains, each participant is assigned a project and a researcher manager . "In my case, the project is entitled"Elucidation of the manipulative toolbox of biotrophic pathogens", and I will be at position by Armin Djamei, at the Gregor Mendel Institute", she emphasizes.

About her impressions, she assures that she is convinced that she will learn a lot: "It is a good group from research and also a good center. I think it's a great experience and one of the best ways to enjoy the summer, especially now that I'm finishing degree program and I have to start thinking about my professional future. "On the other hand," she adds, "I am excited about the idea of getting to know Vienna.

To attend the Master's Degree in research Biomedical, among its objectives is to

This Navarrese (Barañain) studied at the IES Navarro Villoslada and has just submit her project end of degree program at the University of Plymouth, where she will also take her final exams (April-May). His dream is to return to Pamplona in order to graduate.

Among her future plans, she plans to do a Master's Degree and the doctorate. "I have applied for the Master's Degree in research Biomedical of the University of Navarra because I would like to collaborate in the department of Microbiology, where I have been a student intern in the third year, also, I am considering doing another degree program by the UNED, although it is not yet certain," she says.