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Jon López Buñuales (Nuestra Señora del Huerto), Juan José Larrañeta (San Cernin) and Xabier Villanueva (Escolapios Calasanz), winners of the XII Olympiad of Philosophy of Navarra.

They will be able to represent Navarra in the Spanish Philosophical Olympiad to be held next April in Tenerife.

FotoManuelCastells/Front row, Ana González Sucunza, Nuria Varea, Xabier Villanueva and Clara Asensio. In the second row, Jon López Buñuales, Eunate Sáez and Juan José Larrañeta. Next to them, Guillermo Jiménez and Nahia García, from the organizing committee .

The University has hosted the submission awards ceremony of the Olympiad of Philosophy of Navarra. In its XII edition, in which 173 students from 3rd and 4th ESO and from 18 schools participated, the students had to reflect on borders and global justice. high school diplomaThe students, from 18 schools, had to reflect on borders and global justice.

Jon López Buñuales, from high school Nuestra Señora del Huerto; Juan José Larrañeta, from high school San Cernin; and Xabier Villanueva, from high school Escolapios Calasanz, have won first place in the category of essay, philosophical photography and moral dilemmas respectively. The winners will be able to represent Navarra in the Philosophical Olympiad of Spain, to be held on April 28 and 29 in Adeje (Tenerife).

In the modality of essay have also been awarded Eunate Sáez, from Sagrado Corazón (2nd award); and Ana González Sucunza, from high school San Ignacio (3rd award). Three runner-up prizes were also awarded to Martín Sánchez Zaragüeta (Nuestra Señora del Huerto), Lucia Moriano (Miravalles-El Redín) and Nadia Alcalde (IES Tierra Estella).

In the modality of philosophical photography,Clara Asensio (Escolapios Calasanz) won the second prize award . In this edition, the schoolchildren competed for the first time in the category of moral dilemmas. In second place was Nuria Varea (Escolapios Calasanz).

Alejandro Martínez Carrasco, professor at the University's School of Philosophy y Letras and one of the coordinators of the local phase of the competition, highlighted the high level of the participants and their ability to reflect on current situations: "We were particularly impressed by the participants in the category of moral dilemmas, which we have premiered this year, with very rich, thoughtful and original approaches. Although it has been very difficult to select the best ones, we have been struck by the clarity and complexity of their approaches and the effort in arguing their conclusions". 

Sponsored by the Schoolof Philosophyand Letters of the University of Navarra, the Olympiad of Philosophyof Navarra has the support of partnershipof Kukuxumusu, the publishing houseChair , Librerías Troa, the departmentof Educationof the Government of Navarra, and the high schoolOficial de Doctores y Licenciados de Navarra.