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The students of Degree in Applied Management conclude their stays in the United States, France and Germany.

They took classes at Bentley University (Boston), ISIT (Paris) and CBS Business School (Cologne), as well as visiting different companies and institutions.


21 | 06 | 2022

Between 22 May and 10 June, more than a hundred students from the Degree in Applied Management completed their international placements in the United States, Germany and France. Throughout the four years of degree program, students take two of them. These experiences allow them to immerse themselves academically, culturally and linguistically in different countries. The first takes place in Boston (United States) at the end of the first year and is common to all. The second is completed at the end of the third year and the destination depends on the third language chosen by the students: if it is French they go to Paris, and if it is German they go to Cologne. reference letter "In a Degree of business with an international vocation such as Applied Management, it is essential for students to experience and learn first-hand about the cultural and management variables that occur in markets such as the United States, France or Germany. These internships are the perfect complement to the training received at campus in Pamplona", says Antonio María Fernández, director of development at ISSA School of Applied Management.


VERONIKA ALMASI - #ISSABoston2022. 1st of Degree in Applied Management

VERONIKA ALMASI - #ISSABoston2022Veronika Almasitogether with his fellow first-year students from Degree in Applied Management, travelled to Boston to fill in for his training in Marketing and Organizational Behavior at Bentley University. "The classes we received fully completed the subjects we had taken in Spain. It has helped us a lot to visit companies like Converse or USPS to have a very complete vision of how Marketing works in the United States". The visit to Worcester network Sox is what he liked most about his international stay. "We learned how marketing is applied in sports and we were able to experience the feeling of living a baseball game. We tasted the typical food there and got to know the rules of a sport that is not very well known in Europe", he explains. He also participated in conferences with Ana Durán de la Colina, Spanish Consul in Boston; with Vaughn WilliamsAthletic Director of Bentley University; and with Jean Paul Fandel, entrepreneur.

IGNACIO VIANA - #ISSAParis2022. 3rd of Degree in Applied Management

Ignacio Viana"It has been a very good opportunity to learn both academically, reinforcing the languages and subjects of the degree program, as well as in staff", she says. Ignacio Viana, a 3rd year student of Degree in Applied Management, about her international stay in Paris.

There he attended several sessions at training at the Institute of Intercultural Management and Communication (ISIT - Paris) and participated, among others, in the visit of business to 'Le Cordon Bleu' and in two conferences: one with Pablo López, co-founder of Silbon; and another with María Duato, analyst of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy. "I was delighted to meet the creator of a Spanish fashion company like Silbon, signature , first hand. He was not someone who came to talk to us about a successful business , but an entrepreneur who told us about his experience on a one-to-one basis. I also really liked the session with María Duato, to get to know her international perspective, and because she brought us a little closer to the ICEX grants, which we can also apply for".

IRANZU SENOSIÁIN ROS - #ISSAColonia2022. 3rd of Degree in Applied Management

Iranzu SenosiainThe module dedicated to the automotive sector in Germany and the visit to the multinational Ford are two of the things he found most interesting about his international stay in Cologne. Iranzu SenosiainThe 3rd year student of Degree in Applied Management, travelled to Germany to attend to attend different sessions of training at management and communication at CBS Business School and to visit several companies and institutions in the city. "Academically, I have been able to put into internship what I have learned during the three years I have studied German at the University and, of course, it has been a great improvement and reinforcement of language, and an opportunity to get to know German culture from the inside", she says.