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The University prepares a safe return to the classroom: vaccination at campus, PCR tests and capacity limitations.

The school will collaborate with the Government of Navarra in the administration of vaccines to students who are not immunized or who have a pending vaccination guideline .

FotoManuelCastells/During the last academic year the University allocated 4 million euros to measures against Covid-19.

20 | 08 | 2021

The University of Navarra's commitment for the beginning of the academic year, which will take place on September 1, continues to be on-site, always following the indications of the health authorities and with flexibility to adapt to the evolution of the pandemic. With the goal to ensure a safe start of the course and prevent the spread of Covid-19, the academic center has established various measures.

First of all, the students of campus in Pamplona will be able to be vaccinated at the University headquarters during the first days of the course. The Government of Navarra has authorized the administration and it will be who will manage the inoculation to the students with the partnership of the University . All those who have not already been immunized or who have a pending vaccination guideline will have access to the vaccine.

Complementary to this process and in order to know the incidence of the pandemic among students, they will be asked to prove their vaccination status. In the same way, and in order to favor a start of the school year with full guarantees, from August 26th, free PCRs will be performed to students, except those who have the complete vaccination guideline , have passed the disease in the last 180 days or have a negative PCR performed in the last 72 hours.

Drilling, masks, cleaning and ventilation

On the other hand, the sanitary measures regarding seating capacity, use of masks, cleaning of spaces, etc. have been reviewed. With respect to seating capacity in classrooms and seminars, they are the same as in the 20-21 course(1.5 meters between seats in the classrooms).

Masks continue to be mandatory indoors, and outdoors when the distance of 1.5 meters is not guaranteed. The cleaning of spaces and ventilation will also be maintained, as well as all the signage with the indications to be followed according to rules and regulations. On the other hand, the virtual medical office (area Covid) will continue to assist and monitor the contagions and close contacts of students and professionals.

Balance of the 20/21 academic year

During the last academic year, the University allocated 4 million euros to measures against Covid-19 . A total of 34,042 PCRs and 10,769 antigen tests were carried out on students and professionals, and 1,360 students doing clinical internships were vaccinated. In addition, more than 750 people were attended in person at area Covid, which also answered 13,500 e-mails. A total of 1,350 open work posts were set up at campus and 165,500 teaching hours were given in the classrooms.