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Professor Tomás Gómez-Acebo: "In moments of loneliness, closeness to mentor can be the best financial aid for students".

The University's Alumni Vice President has participated in the "Student Success Forum" of the Times Higher Education to analyze the strategy of universities in the face of Covid19.

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PHOTO: Manuel Castells
21/09/20 13:32 Isabel Rincón

"Counseling is a broad task and staff. An effective financial aid can be provided in many fields, always in a context of trust and freedom, the mentor can reach out so that student can develop its full potential as a person". With these words, the University of Navarra's Alumni Vice President , Tomás Gómez-Acebo, defended the work of personalized counseling with students that is carried out at the institution and that has been strengthened to deal with the consequences of the Covid crisis19.

Tomás Gómez-Acebo has participated in the virtual Student Success Forum organized by Times Higher Education, a space in which experts from European and North American universities, student support organizations and college administrators have analyzed how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the strategy of universities around the world.

"During times of confinement and quarantine we are finding how important frequentcontact with students is. In times of loneliness, the closeness of mentor can be the best financial aid for students," emphasized Professor Gómez-Acebo.

Under the degree scroll "Reinventing the University beyond 2020", the forum has discussed how the centers of Education higher education should adapt to the "new normality", to continue providing students with a qualityteaching , exchange of knowledge and an experience that will lead them to be participants in the front line of the life of campus. 

Tomás Gómez-Acebo pointed out that the University of Navarra has focused its efforts on four main aspects of employability: offering more and better recruitment opportunities to our graduates; dedicating more time to staff and specialized orientation; organizing activities to help graduates take their first steps in the world of work; and paying close attention to the needs and demands of collaborating companies. training to take the first steps in the world of work, and to closely attend to the needs and demands of collaborating companies. "We are very aware of the difficulties that our graduates and Alumni are facing in this health and economic climate. Our premise is to be at their side, to support and advise them," he concluded.

The forum was also attended by, among others, professors Tasoulla Hadjiyamni of the University of Minnesota; Pall Asgeir Torfasonfrom the University of Iceland; Wayne Frederickfrom Howard University or Igor Chirikovrepresentative of the University of California-Berkeley.