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"MDGFI has provided me with crucial hands-on opportunities to work in the pharmaceutical industry."

Sonia Baeza is currently immersed in the paid internship of Master's Degree at department of Lilly Technical Services.

/Sonia Baeza, at Lilly headquarters.

21 | 12 | 2023

Sonia Baeza studied Pharmacy at the Complutense University of Madrid and later decided to specialize by taking the Master's Degree of design Galenic and Manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical Industry (MDGFI) at the University of Navarra, "an exceptional and enriching experience that has exceeded my expectations by providing not only a solid theoretical foundation, but also crucial practical opportunities".

"During the first year of the program, we learned the importance of the various Departments within the pharmaceutical industry and faced, from scratch, the challenge of creating a pharmaceutical form that met rigorous quality standards in drug manufacturing, which later became our work de Fin de Master's Degree (TFM)," Sonia relates. This project was not only an academic exercise, but an opportunity to develop fundamental skills for the industry, such as work teamwork, problem solving and decision making.

In addition, he had the opportunity to intern at the pilot plant at School. "I rotated through several areas, including processing, quality control, quality assurance and biotechnology, working directly with industry professionals and applying the theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom to real-world practical situations," he explains.

Currently, Sonia is immersed in the Master's Degree paid internship at department Technical Services at Lilly, a leading business multinational pharmaceutical company known for its commitment to innovation and quality. "This work experience is being crucial to acquire a deep scientific knowledge of the drug manufacturing process and understand the functioning of the equipment and systems involved in this process."

Immersion in Lilly's work environment has not only allowed him to understand the associated risks to proactively prevent them, ensuring safe execution, but also to look for opportunities to continuously improve process reliability and efficiency. "Working in this environment has provided me with a internship and valuable perspective, and has allowed me to apply the knowledge gained from my MDGFI training and actively contribute to pharmaceutical projects here."