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Seven University graduates, among the top 100 in the world's top 100 spanish medical residency program

93% of the graduates of the School Medicine exams obtain one of the 8188 places offered by the Ministry, and nearly 50% are among the top 3000.

FotoCedida/Fromleft to right: Leire Sancho San Martín, Guillermo Pablo de la Osa Hernández, Luis Alonso Martínez, Javier Faus Cotino, Carlos Blasco Fernández, Rut Fernández Bezanilla and Gabriela Uriarte Zavala.

22 | 02 | 2022

Seven graduates from School of Medicine at the University of Navarra have obtained a place among the top 100 places in the examination for Internal Medical Resident (spanish medical residency program) organised by the Ministry of Health. Leire Sancho San Martín, from Astrain, has obtained the position issue 19, while Guillermo Pablo de la Osa Hernández, from Pamplona, has been placed 31st. They are followed by Luis Alonso Martínez, from La Rioja, with issue 32, Javier Faus Cotino, from Valencia, in 51st place, Carlos Blasco Fernández, from Soria, in 62nd place, Rut Fernández Bezanilla, from Burgos, in 69th place, and Gabriela Uriarte Zavala, from Guipúzcoa, with issue 100.

93% of the graduates of the School Medicine exam have obtained one of the 8188 places offered by the Ministry, and nearly 50% are among the top 3000.

"After correcting the exam, I did my calculations and I knew that this could happen, but I didn't want to believe it", says Leire Sancho. She also says that at the time she considered going to study Medicine in another region, but her parents encouraged her to study at the University of Navarra. "Six years later, I think that listening to them and staying in Pamplona was the best decision I could have made". Similarly, the spanish medical residency program has been prepared at home and with the support of his family.

Of his time at School, he highlights the good relationship and trust that is generated between colleagues and professors. "In a profession like ours, the good human attention is essential, and, apart from the academic aspect, it is the best thing I take away with me after all these years". Among the lecturers who have most marked his career at the University, he has special memories of Dr. Javier Salvador, Dr. Leire Arbea and Dr. José Luis del Pozo. "And the lecturers Carretero and Betes, for the way they worked on the Digestive Sciences subject in the sixth year".

As for his immediate future, the specialization program that most appeals to him is Cardiology, and he is considering the option of doing it in a hospital in Madrid. "Even so, before choosing place, I would like to talk to some of my colleagues on higher courses to find out what they think and make the best decision," he stresses.