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The University signature a agreement with the Pía Aguirreche Foundation for the training of health professionals.

The Schools of Medicine and Nursing participate in this agreement de training

22 | 02 | 2023

The Schools of Medicine and Nursing of the University of Navarra have signed a agreement of partnership with the Pía Aguirreche Foundation for the training of doctors and nurses in aspects related to palliative care. This is a series of five master classes with the participation of experts in this area, such as Carlos Centeno -Full Professor of Palliative Medicine at the University of Navarra and director of the Palliative Medicine Service of the University of Navarra. Clínica Universidad de NavarraEnric Benito -oncologist and expert in Palliative Care-, Javier Rocafort -doctor of the Vianorte Laguna Foundation and professor of Palliative Care of the School of Medicine of the Francisco de Vitoria University-, Rogelio Altisent -Senior Associate Professor of Bioethics of the School of Medicine and director of the Chair of Professionalism and Clinical Ethics at the University of Zaragoza-and Ana Urrutia - geriatrician and clinical gerontologist, and president of the Dignified Care Foundation-.

These sessions aim to cover topics such as the presence of the Education in palliative care at the university, death, palliative sedation or the ethics of physical and pharmacological restraints to which some patients are subjected. In addition, it has the participation of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Bilbao, where the sessions are held, although there is the option of participating via the Internet.

"We understand that agreements like this are in tune with our mission statement and the way we understand Medicine," explains Marta Ferrer, dean of the School of Medicine. "Our purpose is based on students acquiring the most advanced medical knowledge, with a deep respect for the dignity of their patients from conception to natural death, and enabling their medical and scientific development with a mentality of service to the nearest society and the world. And in this aspect, palliative care is a reality that reflects very well this purpose".

"In an environment of social and political uncertainty, which sometimes hinders the promotion of Palliative Care as an accurate solution for people facing the end of life, in the School we train nurses trained to play a decisive role in the provision and management of appropriatetherapeutic tools for both the patient and his family to face this phase of the disease" adds Mercedes Perez, dean of the School of Nursing.

Towards a palliative culture

The Pía Aguirreche Foundation for Palliative Care was established in the summer of 2022 at the initiative of the Galíndez Aguirreche family. The goal is to improve the lives of terminally ill patients. To achieve this, it is necessary to promote discipline palliative care at the professional level and at the same time promote in society the values of palliative culture.

With this approach, the Foundation focuses its activity on knowledge dissemination, through conferences, books and articles; on training in palliative care for caregivers with and without previous medical knowledge; and also on advocacy, financing projects aligned with the Foundation's objectives.