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The University of Navarra is ranked 35th in the world in the QS Ranking area for 'Theology and programs of study on Religion'.

The portal highlights the research of the Schools of Theology, Canon Law and Ecclesiastics of Philosophy especially for its volume and impact.


The QS World Ranking by Subject 2023 ranks the University of Navarra 35th in the world in area for 'Theology and programs of study on Religion' (Theology, Divinity & Religious Studies). Specifically, both nationally and internationally, the research of the Schools Ecclesiastics(Theology, Canon Law and Ecclesiastical of Philosophy) for its volume and impact.

The University of Navarra is also among the top 100 in the world in five other subjects: Business Management and Administration, Accounting and Finance, Philosophy, Nursing and Communication.

According to Secundino Fernández, Vice President of Office of Academic Affairs of the University of Navarra, the ranking "confirms the work of improvement in the areas professor and researcher in a wide variety of disciplines. These results recognize the effort for a transformative Education and an impactful and focused research , objectives of our Strategy 2025. Furthermore, they encourage us to continue in our mission statement of training good professionals with a strong sense of service to society."

The QS ranking by area assesses the reputation among employers and academics based on the opinion of more than 150,000 professors and 99,000 employers, as well as the impact and volume of the research (academic citations and h-index), taking the data from the Scopus database. QS evaluates universities in five broad areas (Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences and Medicine, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences) and 54 sub-areas. In total the ranking includes more than 1,500 universities from 93 locations worldwide.

evaluation by Professor Miguel Brugarolas

evaluation by Professor Jorge Otaduy