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BiotechService: the entrepreneurial dream of two biochemists

Bosco Emparanza and Eduardo Camina, graduates of the School de Ciencias, have launched an online platform specialized in biotechnology services.

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Bosco Emparanza
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22/08/17 10:26 Laura Juampérez

Bosco Emparanza and Eduardo Camina (Biochemistry 2014) met in the classrooms of School when they were both studying at Biochemistry . To the shared vocation was added the entrepreneurial spirit, which they channeled through the Biotechnology Club and business -which they themselves started- and the Diploma at management and Business Creation in Science.

Once finished the degree program they have decided to go a step further and create their own business, BiotechService, an online platform specialized in biotechnology services for research of which BoscoEmparanza is currently CEO.

- What is the purpose of BiotechService?
BiotechService is an online platform specialized in biotechnology services for research, for which it brings together the needs of researchers with the offer of biotechnology experiments and services. At final, it allows suppliers to have a new sales channel and greater visibility and, on the other hand, the researcher can easily find the experiment or service that best suits their needs project. So both save time and money to perform research of higher quality. 

We currently have more than 300 biotechnology services from national and international suppliers.

- How did this business idea come up?
The idea arose when both partners worked in two different biotechnology companies, on the commercial side, where we were looking for research projects in which our technology would be useful and give a added value.

In addition, we knew firsthand that many researchers are outsourcing or subcontracting experiments more and more frequently, which can be a problem, as it is a random process and the right laboratory is not always found.

- Since you met at Degree of Biochemistry , was it clear to you that you wanted to start your business idea?
Maybe not at first. But, after attending the Marketing Club of the University to complement our scientific training and through contact with CareerServices, we started to meet managers of biotech and pharmaceutical companies in Navarra. We found that these meetings were very productive and decided to create the Biotechnology Club and business at the University, and assumed that we ourselves wanted to launch our own business.

- How did the Diploma in management and Business Creation in Science influence you to give you that entrepreneurial impulse?
Eduardo did and it turned out to be a very useful tool for those of us who do not have an entrepreneurial training , as it helps you financial aid to trace a path and have your feet on the ground in the process of creating a business.

- What are your medium-term plans deadline for the development of your signature?
Our goal is to consolidate our position as a global ecosystem of services specialized in the biotechnology sector. In addition, we are expanding the categories of the platform with services that are not purely scientific, although they are specialized in this sector, such as logistics, consultancy service, legal, etc.

Finally, we want to commit ourselves to research, so part of our profits will go to specific projects.