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University sports teams unveiled

A total of 250 athletes will participate this year in one of the sections of the Sports Club's teams

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presentation of the teams that will represent the University of Navarra this season.
PHOTO: University of Navarra
22/10/14 13:08 Sports Service

A total of 250 university students will participate this academic year 2014-2015 in the federated teams of the University of Navarra Sports Club. The presentation of the sections took place last October 21 at the Sports Pavilion of the academic center.

Among them are the men's and women's basketball teams, led by Juan Ustarroz and Galina Savitskaia; men's handball(Jesús Cervera); men's soccer(Guillermo Moreno); women's soccer(José María Trigo); men's soccer conference room (Carlos Ortega); men's and women's paddle tennis(Jon Abaurrea); men's squash(Isabel Foncillas); men's and women's taekwondo (David García); men's and women's archery(Antonio García); fencing(José Manuel Veiga); kendo(Javier Armendáriz); volleyball(Andreia Alves) and triathlon directed by Javier Ayúcar.

In addition, this year two new categories are incorporated to our federated teams, golf directed by José Luis Bootello and tennis with Alberto Sanz at the head. Another novelty is the new equipment, this year our teams will defend the red of the university in all categories.

University of Navarra Sports Club

The University of Navarra Sports Club is a non-profit association created in 1990 with the mission statement to promote the physical and sporting internship along with the human training of the members and people who participate in their activities. It has the Mountain Club, whose goal is to make known among the university community the world of the mountain and in which year after year the participation is greater.

At the University of Navarra, sports are understood as a necessary element for the training integral development of students. For this reason, the Club "focuses on the human training of the athletes who participate in it, rather than on their athletic performance. Responsibility, discipline, commitment, belonging and healthy skill are some of the values it promotes", explained Javier Trigo, who also wanted to thank the partnership of the sponsoring companies in the promotion of the internship sports.