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A new ICS book analyzes fundamental issues related to medicine and modern healthcare systems

'Medizin als praktische Wissenschaft' is the latest volume in the collection 'Reason and normativity', edited by the project 'Natural law and rationality internship'

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22/12/14 17:32 ICS

Medizin als praktische Wissenschaft( Medicineas a science internship) is the new degree scroll in the collection 'Reason and Normativity' from project 'Natural Law and Rationality internship' of the Institute for Culture and Society.

The volume contains a selection of ten essays written by Wolfgang Wieland, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the University of Heidelberg. In them he discusses fundamental questions of modern medicine and health care systems. It is edited by Rainer Enskat, professor at the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg (Germany) and Alejandro G. Vigo, researcher principal of 'Natural Law and Rationality internship' and professor of Philosophy at the University of Navarra.

Professor Wieland, one of the most renowned medical theorists, is especially known for his monographs Diagnose. Überlegungen zur Medizintheorie(Diagnosis. Considerations for Medical Theory) and Strukturwandel der Medizin und ärztliche Ethik. Philosophische Überlegungen zu Grundfragen einer praktischen Wissenschaft (Structural Change in Medicine and Medical Ethics. Philosophical reflections on fundamental questions of science internship).

The collection 'Reason and Normativity', edited by Ana Marta González, principal investigator of the project 'Emotional culture and identity', and Alejandro G. Vigo, researcher principal investigator of project 'Natural Law and Rationality internship', is published by OLMS, an internationally renowned academic house publishing house with distribution in Germany, Switzerland, USA and France.