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José Vilaseca Rius (DER'93), new president of board Alumni de Barcelona

He replaces Jordi Cassany (ECO'14 | EMBA'22), who held the position since 2019.

23 | 02 | 2024

The board Alumni of Barcelona has a new president since February 2024. José Vilaseca Rius (DER'93) will be in charge of leading this territorial grouping, replacing Jordi Cassany (ECO'14 | EMBA'22), who has held the position since 2019. 

The Alumni director , Íñigo Gutierrez (TECNUN'98 | PhD'04), welcomed the new president and thanked Jordi Cassany for his involvement with board and the Barcelona alumni community. For his part, the new president starts with "great enthusiasm to connect with the alumni community in Barcelona and continue to expand networking opportunities," he explains. 

The new president is graduate in Law by the University of Navarra (1993), and works as territorial delegate of ONCE in the Balearic Islands.

The board Alumni of Barcelona is currently made up of the following members


  • José Vilaseca Rius (DER'93)


  • Alex Luque Sánchez (COM'97)


  • Pilar Buil Gazol (COM'95 / PhD'01)
  • Carlos Canela Pérez (DER'96)
  • Alberto de Olano Biada (COM'95)
  • Joan Fontrodona Felip (FIA'86 / PhD'97)
  • Patricia Gil de Sola de Dorado (COM'09)
  • Mireia Gratacos Pardo (COM'18)
  • Fernando Iglesia Omist (DER'77)
  • Pedro Postigo Pich-Aguilera (ECO'15 / FIA'16)
  • Pía Viesca Cosgrove (BIO'92)

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