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Diego Díaz Gómez, winner of the VIII Final Project Competition degree program Chair Madera ONESTA

The competition promoted by the University of Navarra's Chair Madera ONESTA has awarded the architect for his project EPCCEB

23 | 05 | 2022

Diego Díaz Gomez, from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de La Coruña, has won the first prize award of the competition of Final Projects degree program Chair Madera ONESTAcompetition organised by the School of Architecture and the Chair Madera ONESTA.

The project submitted by the architect, graduate 'EPCCEB', stood out among the other entries for its "pertinent and interesting use of wood in an architecture that combines the interest of an abstract and symbolic proposal thanks to its striking circular shape, as well as being concrete in the space of the village in which it is built", according to the jury of the competition.

The first runner-up prize was also awarded to project 'CAMP-IN'. The proposal of its author, Guillermo Frondoy, from the School de Arquitectura, design y Urbanismo, UDELAR, Uruguay, has been considered as "fresh and well articulated both in images and in technical development that proposes a new habitat that could occupy diverse spaces, both urban and more rural, with a successful use of wood in the supporting structure of the ephemeral architecture proposal".

The second runner-up prize was awarded to proposal 2402317 by Ignacio Cimadevilla Arellano (University of Alcalá de Henares) "for the interest of incorporating wood in the context of energy, architectural and social rehabilitation. For dreaming in the recovery of the pre-existing by providing it with new spaces for current uses".

The jury was composed of Marta García Alonso and Borja Iraola, professors at School of Architecture, Marta Sánchez, director of ONESTA's Projects Division, and José Manuel Cabrero, director of the Chair Madera ONESTA.

The importance of design with wood and sustainability

This is the eighth edition of the competition whose goal is to reward the project Fin de degree program (PFC) that uses wood as an important component in its design and takes into account aspects of sustainability. The award, which will be awarded on 9 and 10 June in Baluarte, consists of a scholarship for the Second Forum on Construction with Wood Spain, and a summer course on Construction with Wood at School of Architecture of the University of Navarra.

The jury of competition takes into account the objective criteria of the use of wood as the main structural material; the creative and innovative use of wood in the design; the appropriate response to basic functional and architectural criteria; architectural coherence; and sustainability and environmental criteria.