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The challenges of the digital world, topic of a congress organised by high school business and Humanism in Miami.

23 | 06 | 2022

The high school business and Humanism organized in Miami the congress "Theory and Praxis. Digital, Design Destiny and Direction". Held on June 9 and 10, it dealt with the challenges that the digital world presents today, both for business and for society. The quotation managed to bring together both academics and entrepreneurs of different nationalities from the Americas and once again highlighted the need for continuous dialogue between the world of Humanities and business, between the European and American continents, to continue building a more humane world.

Alejandro Ruelas-Gossi, member of the academic committee of high school business and Humanism and lecturer at School of Economics at the University, spoke at the opening ceremony on how the digital challenge "drives companies to redesign their strategies, without losing sight of their destiny, but knowing how to take good directions". The other two plenary lectures were given at position by other members of committee , such as Montserrat Herrero, who, from a philosophical perspective, tried to answer the questioning of this reality today, and Jaume Aurell, who reviewed the relationship between culture and technology through three fundamental milestones: writing, printing and the Internet.

Broad representation from the business world

Gabriel Angeloro (Citigroup) or Sushil Malhotra (Boston Consulting Group) participated in the first roundtable together with Antonio Moreno, director of the Master of Economics and Finance of the University. Other speakers such as Luis Arjona (Managing Director at Boston Consulting Group) and Luis Hernández (Senior Executive Vice President of CEMEX), closed the congress. All of them spoke from their experience about something that was also highlighted by Mónica Vázquez (General Manager ABANCA USA): if a business has a purpose and knows where it wants to go, it will know how to adapt and change direction as many times as necessary to get there. 

The meeting also discussed how digitalisation is affecting and will affect the world of work, workers and citizens in general, as reflected in their speeches by Robert de Simone (Washington DC-Baltimore) and Sandra Idrovo-Carlier and Alfredo J. Rodríguez (INALDE Business School). 

On the other hand, the advantages it has brought to the world of communications were discussed, as José Manuel Cerda (Universidad de los Andes), Reynaldo Rivera (Universidad Austral), Francisca Greene (Universidad de los Andes) or Juan Francisco Rumbea (School de Ciencias Sociales, in Ecuador) pointed out, and, at the same time, the social polarisation it is provoking, as Catalino Mendoza (high school Nacional de Transparencia, in Mexico) showed.

The critical voice of philosophers Cecilia Coronado (Universidad Panamericana), Carolina Villegas (ICADE) and Raquel Cascales (Columbia University) was also present, highlighting the ethical and aesthetic aspects of technology and digitalisation and their social consequences.   

meeting with alumni

The quotation also served to maintain a meeting with the alumni of high school business and Humanism that reside in Miami and which also included a large representation of high school that connected online from Pamplona.