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Back to 2014_01_24_ICS_El proyecto Educación de la afectividad y de la sexualidad humana del ICS elabora un recurso para jóvenes en el medio digital ACI Prensa

The project 'Education of the affectivity and human sexuality' of the ICS elaborates a resource for young people in the digital media ACI Prensa

Researchers will answer questions on affectivity and sexuality for promote the Education integral of young people, so that they acquire healthy lifestyles.

24/01/14 10:24

Researchers of the project 'Education of Human Affectivity and Sexuality' (EASH) of the Institute for Culture and Society of the University of Navarra elaborate the contents of a new resource of the digital media. ACI Press. It is a series of frequently asked questions and answers on affectivity and sexuality, addressed to children and young people. It is available since January 24, 2014 and the first question is 'What to keep in mind when talking about sexuality and affectivity with adolescents and young people?'

It should be recalled that this initiative is in addition to the one already carried out at ABC.esunder the name 'classroom of Sexuality'.

Carlos Beltramo, PhD in Education and researcher of project, told ACI Prensa that the goal is that the answers "serve as a practical committee to have as reference letter when dealing with some important issues that may be puzzling".

According to Beltramo, research reveals that "young people turn to the Internet and their friends for information on sexuality and affectivity, although at the same time they say they would prefer to talk about it with their parents. Sometimes, parents abandon their sincere desire to talk about sexuality with their children because they don't know how to do it or simply don't dare to.

"However," he said, "parents are always better counselors than their children's friends. Even in the worst-case scenario, a parent can make similar mistakes to those friends, but hardly that advice will be 'worse'. Because parents have a great advantage: they know and love their children, and they are able to talk to them better than they think".

Specialists in eleven areas

An interdisciplinary team of experts in eleven areas will work at resource : Anthropology, Biology, Communication, Education, Nursing, Philosophy, Humanities Biomedical, Preventive Medicine, Psychology, Psychiatry and Theology.

"The goal of EASH is to favor, from adolescence and early youth, the acquisition of healthier lifestyles through an adequate and comprehensive Education of affectivity and sexuality. The project proposes multidisciplinary lines of action, involving parents, schools and young people, taking into account the social environment," said Carlos Beltramo.

The project of research is formed by the Full Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health Jokin de Irala, researcher principal of EASH; the Senior Associate Professor of Social Psychology Alfonso Osorio; the professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health Cristina López-del Burgo; the doctor in Sciences and professor of high school Miravalles-El Redín Ignacio Gómara; D. in Education Carlos Beltramo; Doctor of Medicine María Calatrava; and psychologist Mónica Ballón, Master's Degree in Psychopedagogy and Master's Degree in Marriage and Family.