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Engineering and medical students develop electromyography simulator

The internship was part of the BioDesign course, organized by Tecnun and laboratory Biomedical Engineering.

24 | 01 | 2024

Engineering and Medicine of the University of Navarra have worked on the development of an electromyography simulator. The internship has been part of the BioDesign course, organized by Tecnun and the laboratory of Biomedical Engineering, with the goal that students from different disciplines explore and develop solutions in the field of medical simulation.

The course was attended by students from Medicine, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering in design Industrial and development of Products, Biomedical Engineering e Industrial Organization Engineering.

Cristina del Molino, a 3rd year student in Biomedical Engineering, points out how much they have learned by working with students from other careers. When it comes to creating, as the student explains, it is the medical student who knows where he or she wants to go, and the engineering student who helps financial aid to do so. "They provide the anatomical knowledge, they explain what they want to do and why, and we explain how it can be done, which is what Tecnun teaches us," says the student.

For his part, Jaime Lara, a 5th year medical student, emphasizes how gratifying it has been result to work in an integrated way, in which each one has contributed a different and necessary vision to move the product forward. financial aid "It is very useful to work with an engineer because he asks you a lot of questions and helps you to put your feet on the ground," says Jaime Lara. He adds: "The doctor's role is to offer precise indications and they are the ones who say whether it can be done or not.

Scarlette Romero, a 3rd year student in Industrial design and Product development Engineering, explains the potential of the students of this Degree, since "engineers at design know what mistakes are being made when designing a product or when the focus is being taken away from the final Username , which is what gives meaning to project".

As the student says, the BioDesign course has a approach multidisciplinary and very practical: "We have learned a lot and got to know other perspectives".