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The winner of the Latin Grammy 2022 for best producer visit the University with a musical show to inspire values in young people.

The AmplificARTE Concert is a project of the Fundación Princesa de Girona and Miami Art House and is held at the Museo Universidad de Navarra with the partnership of Institute for Culture and Society, in the framework of its challenge 22-23

24 | 02 | 2023

Julio Reyes Copello, winner of the Latin Grammy 2022 for best producer, has visited the University of Navarra with a music production workshop and a concert to inspire values in young people, AmplificARTE. This project of the Princess of Girona Foundation and Art House-Miami & Abbey Road Academy was held at the Museum of the University of Navarra with the partnership of the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS).

The show featured six emerging artists from the international pop scene: Teo Bok (@teo.bok), Juliana Pérez (@julianaperezb), Ela Taubert (@elataubert), Joaquina (@joaquina), Paola Guanche (@paolaguanche) and Riza Godoy (@rizagodoy). 

They have performed songs that tell personal stories with a positive message, such as Esperanza, Crecer, Todo va a estar bien, En otra vida, Rabia, Quiero and Encontrarme.

AmplificARTE is a project educational that uses music as a transversal discipline to work on development staff and the emotional well-being of young people, while enriching the musical culture in educational centers, social entities and other spaces. 

Music with purpose, instrument of salvation

Julio Reyes Copello said that his time at the University of Navarra, where he was able to talk with many students, "has been a very special experience". He stressed that "music begins where words end, financial aid to understand what reason does not explain" and therefore encouraged the new generations to seek answers in this "spiritual and emotional" language, especially to face the challenges concerning mental health. "I feel the need to create awareness in young people that music with purpose is an instrument of salvation," he has stressed.

For her part, Sandra Camós, director of educational programs at the Princess of Girona Foundation, explained that the goal of AmplifiCARTE is "to use music as tool to work on emotional well-being, soft skills and values in the classroom and in other educational contexts". He also mentioned that the project is incorporating various partners with a proven track record to support the activities promoted by this project, including the ICS.

The University of Navarra has hosted this initiative through the challenge ICS 2022-2023 'Youth, relationships and psychological well-being'. Its goal is to study psychological well-being in adolescence and youth with an emphasis on interpersonal relationships. It is approached with an interdisciplinary perspective.

"With this cultural activity we wanted to get closer to young people, who are the starting point and also the recipients of the research that we carry out at challenge," said Elena Belzunce, director of development of the ICS. We think that music is not only a vehicle to evoke positive emotions," she added, "but it can also help to promote values that inspire when making decisions, facing difficulties, building one's own identity...".

Winner of 3 Grammy Awards and 8 Latin Grammy Awards

Julio Reyes Copello is a Colombian-American producer, pianist and composer and founder of Art House Records (Miami). Several of his songs have topped the Billboard charts. Copello has been awarded 3 Grammy Awards and 8 Latin Grammy Awards and has received more than 30 nominations. Throughout his career degree program he has composed and produced music for Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, Alejandro Sanz and Jennifer Lopez, among other renowned international artists.