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Alumni-University of Navarra welcomes final year students

The theatre of the University of Navarra Museum welcomed more than seven hundred final year students to the "i de alumni" event to celebrate their transition from students to alumni.

FotoManuelCastells/Elena Erroba (BQM'03, PhD'07), Paco Guillén (ECO-DER'17), Cristina Alfaro (FCOM'04, MGEC'13 and coordinator of programs of studyof the SchoolPharmacy and Nutrition), Cristina Cabrera (COM'08, MERC'19) and Carlos Díaz (ARQ'06), shared memories and experiences with the final year students.

24 | 03 | 2022

On Wednesday 23 March, the final year students of the University of Navarra experienced the "i for Alumni" event, in which they celebrated their transition from student to alumni with an "i". In this way, the more than one thousand nine hundred students who are in their final year joined the Alumni "community", which brings together more than 120,000 people from all over the world. 

The University of Navarra Museum hosted the "i de Alumni" event, which brought together more than 700 final-year students from all the Schools and centres of the University of Navarra, including an outstanding representation from Tecnun School of Engineering who travelled from San Sebastian to attend to the event.  

Rosalía Baena, Vice President , congratulated the seniors and emphasized the transformative story that each of them has lived during their years at the university: "This is not the end, it is a point and a continuation, your hallmark is to live serving society. Only you have the perspective of someone who has lived the University of Navarra. The Student Vice President also highlighted the special situations that this graduating class has gone through, with a pandemic in the middle "that has not yet ended, the class of 2022 has a special current of solidarity for all that you have had to live. You are making history

alumniThe event was also attended by four speakers: Elena Erroba (BQM'03, PhD'07), Paco Guillén (ECO-DER'17), Cristina Cabrera (COM'08, MERC'19) and Carlos Díaz (ARQ'06), who recalled their experience as recent graduates and their transition to the world of work as alumni of the University of Navarra. None of the speakers missed the opportunity to encourage the attendees to maintain a link with the university and to give them advice on how to enter the world of work. 

The president of Alumni, Inés García Paine (FCOM'93), did not want to miss the event either and connected live from Madrid to welcome this new promotion that is already part of the network of alumni. During her speech, she encouraged the students to commit themselves to the University and to society. Joining her from their cities were the presidents of the Alumni Boards of Barcelona, Jordi Cassany (ECO'14); Vizcaya, María Zalbidea (FCOM'01); Madrid, Isabel Ramis (FCOM'05), and Mexico, Andrea Parra (FCOM'10). 

The attendees also took part in a fun "last exam of the Uni" to measure their level of popular knowledge of the University. The event was not lacking in music and all the participants were able to take home a T-shirt that accredits them as Alumni in this new stage that they are about to begin. In the final stretch of the event, one of the final year students did not hesitate to say that "with this subject of things, I reaffirm (and I am not only speaking for myself) that the University of Navarra is the best in the world, not only for its academic level but, above all, for its human quality".

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