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114 University professionals awarded the Silver Medal

The president, María Iraburu, highlights the "culture of passion for the work, of learning from mistakes, and of trust and respect" of the professionals of the academic center.

PhotoManuelCastells/La president, María Iraburu (in the center), together with the 114 medalists, during the ceremony held at the Museum of the academic center.

29 | 01 | 2022

The University of Navarra has awarded its Silver Medal to 114 professionals in recognition of their 25 years of work at the academic centre. One of them was awarded posthumously to Jesús García Onrubia, from the San Sebastian School of Engineering. Likewise, 8 of these professionals belong to IESE, and received the award last December at its Barcelona headquarters.

The event, held in the Museum Theater, was presided over by president, María Iraburu: "It is a day of celebration, because we are celebrating what we are and how we are. And, above all, it is an occasion to give thanks for something that often goes unnoticed: the human and professional category of the people who work alongside us, with us," she said.

The president referred to three traits that define, in her opinion, the University's professionals: "A culture of passion for work; a culture that accepts imperfection and learns from failures; and a culture of respect and trust between people". 

"We can all contribute to this culture with small or large gestures", added María Iraburu, who proposed that these actions be approached with the conviction that "the best is yet to come, and it will come if everyone is committed to creating the culture, the way of working that we all want". 

The new president assured that "the faces that define this event, so different, remind us that the University, the Clinic are, above all, people" and that everyone "deserves to be listened to, welcomed, cared for in their moments of vulnerability, accompanied towards improvement when they make mistakes." "Caring for people and the environment begins here, in our home," he pointed out.

He also addressed the families of the laureates: "You are the support we need to overcome fatigue or defeat, the ones who celebrate our successes and are passionate about our dreams. You are all part of the University of Navarra".

Role models for future generations

The event was also attended by Pepa Sánchez de Miguel, director of the Quality and Innovation service, who spoke on behalf of the medallists. Sánchez de Miguel stressed that all the award winners are united in doing their work "in a professional manner, with commitment and a sense of service". "It has been 25 years of learning and experiences of all kinds subject. 25 years of work, joys and hopes, but also disappointments and mistakes from which we have learned," he added. 

In this sense, he stressed that the most important value of the University is the people "and people must be taken care of", he remarked: "Stopping to listen and take care of each other is essential to continue improving".

In addition to showing his gratitude, he proposed to his colleagues that they should thank him for this award with their daily work, trying to "correspond to the University, becoming models for future generations, leaving their mark and being for them, significant professionals, transforming professionals".