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267 students are studying at the University thanks to the Alumni Scholarships

47 students have been registered at graduate , which make up the VIII class of alumni scholarship recipients.

24/04/13 13:04 Maria Salanova
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group of graduates of the VIII Promotion of Alumni Scholarship Holders PHOTO: Manuel Castells

47 participants of the University of Navarra's Alumni Scholarships Program, who are now concluding their programs of study, celebrated their graduation in a ceremony presided over by the Alumni Vice President , Tomás Gómez-Acebo. In total, 267 students from the academic center are this year completing their degree program thanks to this Program, aimed at students with good transcript and without the necessary economic resources.

The 47 students, who make up the eighth class of alumni scholarship holders, come from six countries: Spain, Burundi, Colombia, Honduras, Ecuador and Finland. By Schools, they belong to Engineering (14), Communication (8), Medicine (6), Economics (6), Philosophy and Letters (5), Science (3), Nursing (2), Law (2) and Architecture (1).

Also participating in the graduation ceremony were Secundino Fernández, Associate Dean of the School of Medicine and sponsor of the graduating class; Natalia Couto, director of the Alumni Scholarships program; Gonzalo Arana, graduate of the Alumni Scholarships program in the 2011-2012 academic year; and Francisco Javier Ros, representative of the current graduating class.

Tomás Gómez Acebo addressed the graduates with these words: "What will ensure your professional future are not strokes of luck or extraordinary qualities, but your work constant and hard work, the determination to improve things, the ability to complicate your life, to face difficulties with courage and creativity". For his part, the godfather of the ceremony, Secundino Fernández, made the following recommendation: "With audacity, optimism and joy, contribute robust links to 'this chain of solidarity', as Professor Gómez Montoro (former President) used to call Alumni Scholarships ". And he concluded: "Alumni Fellows are those old thirds who are and will always be ready to continue the mission statement and enrich and make the project of our University a reality".

A financial contribution of 1,775,155 euros.

The issue number of scholarships granted continues to grow each year: while 33 scholarships were granted in the 2004-2005 academic year, the number now stands at 267. Likewise, the economic contribution this year was more than 2 million euros, compared to 83,478 euros in the 2004-05 academic year, and 1,775,155 last year. This means that the average amount for each scholarship is 7,494 euros.

Of the 267 grantees, 60 come from abroad, from a total of 18 countries. Of the 217 from Spain, the majority come from Navarra (37), followed by Andalusia (35), the Basque Country (25) and Catalonia (22). As for the Schools and centers, the one with the most students is Philosophy and Letters (62), followed by Economics (42), Medicine (41) and Engineering School (38).

The Alumni Scholarships program is aimed at students who wish to study at the University of Navarra, who have a good academic transcript and the necessary personal qualities and aptitudes, but who would not be able to enroll without financial support. The initiative, created in 2003, is financed by contributions from alumni and various institutions.