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The future of media web analytics, as seen by Adrián Segovia

The Chief Digital Oficer of Diario As gave a session at the IV meeting Alumni organized by the MEGEC.

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PHOTO: Isabel Olloqui
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PHOTO: Isabel Olloqui
24/05/14 13:01 Javier Bustillo

Adrián Segovia, professor of Master's Degree Executive in management of Communication Companies (MEGEC) and Chief Digital Oficer of Diario As, reviewed the latest techniques and the future of media web analytics in the IV meeting Alumni organized by Master's Degree.

In this sense, Adrián Segovia pointed out what seem to be the 9 most important trends in web analytics at the moment:

Artificial intelligence. Tools such as Analytics already collect all the statistics. The journalist must focus on the interpretation of these data to make decisions.

2. Real Time. Because statistics are produced in the moment, and in high volume, it is more important than ever to distinguish between the superfluous and the substantial.

3. (Almost) everything has mobility. The audience trend towards mobile is unstoppable, making up more than 30% of the audience of the major media.

4. The rise of professionals who master measurement tools. In many cases, the professionals who handle these tools lack sensitivity to the content, favoring the easy click.

5. Reading on the Internet is superficial.

6. The trend towards the tabloid, loss of criteria publishing house in favor of trivial contents.

7. Clicks or transactions are more important than page views. Focus of tool manufacturers on e-commerce due to the need to monetize content.

8. Confrontation between audience volume and content quality.

9. Management analyzes better, and therefore has more data than ever before to make EREs.