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A exhibition at the ICO Museum collects photographs of the file General of the University.

The sample has photographs of the bequests of Carvajal, Ortiz-Echagüe, Aburto and Aizpurua.

Image description
Plasencia, Seat Barcelona, 1965. César Ortiz Echagüe. PHOTO: file General of the University of Navarra / César Ortiz Echagüe Fund.
24/06/14 18:35 Alberto Bonilla

The ICO Museum presents sample, from June 4 to September 7, which highlights the disciplinary role of photography in the context of modern Spanish architecture. Photography and Modern Architecture in Spain, 1925-1965' was born from a project of research at development and presents, for the first time and explicitly, an approach to the role of photography in Spanish architectural modernity. It is established as a flexible temporal framework those decades that the historiography of the Spanish architecture indicate as specific of what was called the Modern Movement: from the irruption of the avant-garde in the mid-1920s to the crisis of the International Style in the late 1960s.

The sample separates the photographs from their context and purpose -the dissemination of architecture- to value them in themselves from the point of view of the photographic discipline and the contribution of the photographers. As in the international context, in Spain there was also an intense flow of work and cooperation between photographers, architects and the media, which contributed to highlighting the value of the photographers' gaze.

The exhibition presents the work of about forty professionals who portrayed the Spanish architecture of modernity. In it, there are references to the legacies of Carvajal, Ortiz-Echagüe, Aburto and Aizpurua, as well as images of buildings of Navarrese architecture by famous architects such as Víctor Eusa and Fernando Redón . All these photographic references are part of the file General of the University of Navarra.