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La Escuela de Ingenieros lanza los TEC

These are short courses of direct transfer of knowledge and inspiration for professionals.

TecnunTEC / Tecnun Executive Courses

26/03/14 13:07

Tecnun, the School of Engineers of the University of Navarra in San Sebastian, has presented the TEC (Tecnun Executive Courses)goal These courses were created with the aim of offering professionals from different fields a platform that allows them to be recycled and improve their employability.

These courses have been conceived as short technological pills that take between one and three days. They cover aspects ranging from communications to industrial organization, including materials, mechanics, electronics and biomedical engineering.

Your Philosophy seeks the direct applicability of the knowledge being taught in them. They provide answers to problems that arise in day-to-day business and provide attendees with a growth staff and professional skills and employability level.

The TECs also aspire to become meeting for working professionals from different disciplines and specialties who will share experiences and reflections on the problems generated in the field of business by management, technologies or challenges that condition daily activities such as globalization.