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More than a thousand people will take part in the University's first online open doors workshop

It will take place on Saturday, March 28, starting at 09.00 hours. To participate you need a previous registration

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26/03/20 08:42 Isabel Rincón

More than a thousand people will participate in the first online open doors workshop organized by the University of Navarra. With the degree scroll "A campus to discover from home", the workshop will begin on Saturday, March 28 at 9 am. The prospective students and their families can register through portal miUNAV.

In this way, the University adapts to the status health alarm due to the coronavirus pandemic and offers the necessary information to families without leaving their homes. "The University of Navarra goes out to meeting of the needs of the society in which it is immersed, so we considered the possibility of bringing to a digital environment one of the most attractive events for the prospective students: the workshop Open Doors. We want to offer all the information to our prospective students and their families and transfer the experience of the University to a completely on-line environment, something that for us is a challenge", explained the director of the Service of Admissions Office, Álvaro Balibrea.

During this workshop, as it would have been done in person, participants will be able to get to know the campus of Pamplona through a virtual tour and its different services. They will obtain information about the Admissions Office process, the different financing and scholarship options, the accommodation service and other extra-curricular activities offered by the University such as Campus Creativo, Tantaka, Innovation Factory, Sports, Career Services...etc.

Also from the University's Schools and centers, online activities will be organized for those enrolled in order to show the activities that are carried out in these centers and the different Degrees that can be taken there.

The University of Navarra organizes every year two Open Doors conference at campus in Pamplona and San Sebastian. They are usually held in November and March. The goal is for families to get to know first hand the offerings professor of the different Schools and receive information about the different services.

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