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12 keys to management Human Resources in the bio-health sector

Executives from Ribera Salud, group Quirón, Cofares and Foro de RRRHH offered a conference on the healthcare sector at the University of Navarra ( lecture ).

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26/04/18 18:07 Laura Juampérez

"Bringing health and healthcare closer to the public is going to be core topic in the immediate future of human resources in the healthcare sector. And in this challenge, the real spearhead is communication, to tell patients, society and the industry things better". This is the first of the recommendations offered by Francisco García Cabello, director of the Human Resources Forum, one of the four speakers at the lecture 'Human resources in the healthcare sector', organized by Career Services University of Navarra.

Secondly, the same executive recommends that healthcare companies should be "more marketing oriented. Also to count on the customer/patient experience and the employee. If the benefits of our healthcare are known, this will generate a greater affinity with the organizations that do it and tell it better, and those same firms will better attract the talent of those who want to work in the sector".

Salvador Sanchis Plaus, director of Human Resources at Ribera Salud, added two more trends in the immediate future of the sector: "On the one hand, the shortage of professionals is going to make healthcare organizations compete to attract talent, especially in certain specialties or profiles, to whom we will have to offer a plus to make them choose our organization. And, secondly, the sector's HR department must tackle very profound changes in order to move from a reactive healthcare attendance to a proactive attendance , which anticipates treatments and care and takes advantage of new technologies so that the patient adopts the role of prevention".

Generational diversity and more Internal Communications

Esther Estepa, Director of Human Resources at group Quirón Salud, added three more observations: "Improve the working life of employees so that they want to stay in the organization, but also so that they can pass on these feelings to patients; take advantage of the coexistence of different generations, with different experiences, values, ways of thinking and acting to generate innovation; and give a voice to the people in the organization through Internal Communications, so that a collaborative culture is created and network".

For his part, Ángel Javier Vicente Pérez, director HR at Cofares, added the five latest inclinations in the sector: "There is going to be an increase in financing models in the healthcare sector; there will be greater relevance of the private sector in collaborations with the public sector; investment in innovation and technology will grow to facilitate citizens' access to management their health; there will be greater regulation of migration, with recognition of professional qualifications at a global level; and there will have to be incentives for professionals to work in remote or rural areas."

In addition to the roundtable with the four direct, the workshop was completed with a session with students from Schools of Science and Pharmacy and Nutrition.