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Professor Montserrat Herrero teaches the last seminar of the course of the department de Philosophy

PhotoAdrianaObregón/Professor Montserrat Herrero during the seminar

On Wednesday, March 30, the last seminar of department of Philosophy of the course 2021-22 took place with a discussion paper to position by Professor Montserrat Herrero, specialist in Philosophy Politics, entitled "Hospitality: a reading in the margins of Derrida".

This concept, although little dealt with on Philosophy, is a topicthat has recently gained importance in Europe. What is hospitality for Derrida? "The opening of our space to an other". It is the foundation of politics, unlike other concepts proposed by some philosophers - such as fraternity or friendship - which would lead to different types of community.

The problem that Derrida faces, as Professor Herrero explained, is the difficulty of carrying out the internshipof perfect hospitality. This requires a Withdrawalto oneself: "The idea of substitution appears, really, to say that a person is open to the other, he must be capable of giving himself completely to the other, of substituting himself", he affirmed.

Professor Herrero pointed out that, for Derrida, there has been only one historical example of absolute hospitality: the death of Christ. "His atonement is the only case of what we can properly call a true substitution.

However, although it is impossible to offer perfect hospitality, it is still necessary in society. How, then, is this to be achieved? Derrida answers that the only thing that is asked of a person who receives another is "bad conscience": a bad conscience that he is not giving and will never be able to give authentic hospitality.