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18 young researchers present their thesis in the third edition of the workshop of doctoral students of the ICS and I-Communitas (UPNA).

/presentation of the thesis doctoral programs in the Institute for Culture and Society

26 | 05 | 2023

18 young researchers from the University of Navarra and the Public University of Navarra have presented their doctoral thesis at the framework of the third edition of the workshop for doctoral students organized by the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) and the Institute for Advanced Social Research (I-Communitas). During the activity, thesis from areas such as Education, palliative care, urban planning, youth and inclusion, among others, were presented.

On behalf of the ICS, Javier Yániz ("Multimodal socio-affective interactions during conflict and mediation"), Rodrigo Banda ("design de una intervención online de purpose staff para adultos emergentes"), Cecilia Serrano ("Marital beliefs, concerns and commitment of Spanish emerging adults") and Alicia Hernando ("El Public discourse sobre cuidados paliativos en España") explained their research.

thesis On behalf of the UPNA,Eduardo Contreras ("Digitalization of the school: an inclusive and equalizing internship ? Analysis of its modulating factors"), Diana Brinzei ("design of a study to measure the contribution of ICT to project-based learning and to the development of linguistic competences and core topic at classroom of FLE"), María Villar ("Children's literature with augmented reality: un outline de evaluation"), María Cristina Salvador ("El work en group: soporte y oportunidad para el development de soft skills en Education superior"), Ander Loyola ("instructions jurídicas para un nuevo estatuto de las confesiones en España: the article 16 of the Spanish Constitution"), Maite Huerta ("Review of the Autonomous Minimum Income: an approach to the methodological design "), Itziar Pérez de Ciriza ("The bequest of Imanol Urbieta (1934-2016)"), José Luis Urrutia ("The Huasteca war border, geography and society"), Mikel Subiza ("Methodologies of research employed and model of analysis developed"), Sergio García ("Measuring urban conflict. Methodological aspects in the collection of data related to urban transformations and their consequences"), Gonzalo Reguera-Zaratiegui ("mobility cotidiana, accesibilidad y juventud rural. Strategies and life trajectories in Navarra"), Lucía Mª Rodríguez ("Analysis of social temporal acceleration"), Lady Alexandra Durán ("Analysis of social mentoring as a methodology of intervention with adolescents at risk of social exclusion: approach to the state of the question and methodological choices") and Alejandro Peña ("Prometeus, pilot program of educational inclusion for young people in disadvantaged status ").