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The University launches five new research projects in health thanks to financial aid of the Government of Navarre

With 3.6 million euros in funding, they will provide Navarre with advances in personalized medicine for the effective treatment of cancer and innovative solutions for cardiac and respiratory diseases.

FotoCedida/meeting opening of project research GRANATE. From left to right.: Beatriz Lasa, ZABALA Innovation Consulting; María Rodríguez, Clínica Universidad de Navarra; Oihane Mayo, Aldakin; Imanol Arozarena, Navarrabiomed; Sara Labiano, Cima; Ana Patiño, Clínica Universidad de Navarra; Rubén Pio, Cima (screen); Silve Vicent, Cima (screen); Alfonso Calvo, Cima; Rafael Martínez-Monge, Clínica Universidad de Navarra; Juan Dubrot, Cima; Fernando Lecanda, Cima; and Lucía de Miguel, University of Navarra.

26 | 07 | 2022

The General Administration of Industry, Energy and Strategic Projects S4 of the Government of Navarra has resolved the call for the year 2022, by which 3.616.945€ are granted to the University of Navarra for the implementation of five new strategic projects in research and development, which will be developed until 2025.

The School of Pharmacy of the University of Navarra, the Clínica Universidad de Navarra and the Cima coordinate the projects, which are called SOCRATHeS, NanoRC, Bioheart, GRANATE and Prevelung, and are led by researchers Juan José Lasarte, María Blanco, Xabier Aranguren and Ana Patiño, while Luis Montuenga participates as partner in PREVELUNG.

Cancer is currently the second leading cause of death in developed Western countries, after cardiovascular diseases. Despite notable advances in the knowledge of the biological mechanisms involved and new therapeutic approaches, the search for personalized treatments and an adequate safety/efficacy balance continue to be top priorities.

Within the field of genomics and advanced medicine, SOCRATHeS aims to contribute to development and essay of CAR-T cell-based anti-tumor therapies for leukemia, myeloma and solid tumors. NanoRC promotes advances in RNA nanocarrier-based therapy, the most effective and personalized oncology treatment. For its part, GRANATE aims to identify clinical scenarios where the effect of radiotherapy can be improved and the side effects and toxicity of this treatment in children with cancer can be reduced

Bioheart, which is part of the challenge "Emerging Disruptive Ideas Applied" of the Government of Navarra's S4 Strategy, aims to take a further step towards the manufacture of human cardiac tissue at laboratory , basing its programs of study on advanced bioengineering and new technologies. PREVELUNG will develop an analytical platform with a wide range of parameters for a personalized approach to patients with respiratory disease.

The University of Navarra's Strategy 2025 considers research as a priority. Personalized Medicine as a priority axis. These new projects will reinforce this and will involve advances in the care of people and the environment, purpose the main focus of the academic center's strategy.