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20 students begin the Master's Degree University Program in Governance and Organizational Culture

Opening of the XX edition of the program

FotoManuelCastells/Opening of the XX edition of the program.

26 | 09 | 2022

A total of 20 students have begun the Master's Degree University in Governance and Culture of Organizations offered by the high school business and Humanism (IEH) and the School of Economic and Business Sciences of the University. The Museum hosted on September 19 the opening of a program that celebrates its 20th edition.

The event was attended by Ignacio Ferrero, Dean of School; director of high school business and Humanism, Iñaki Vélaz; and Dulce Redín, academic director of Master's Degree, who replaces Jaume Aurell at position .

After a few words from presentation, the inaugural lecture "The return of the Humanities to Education" was given by Professor José María Torralba at position .

This year, the Master's Degree has students from Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina.