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'Balance of times', winner of the Fantastic Architecture Contest II award SketchUp - Joaquín Lorda

In this edition, two prizes and three runners-up prizes were awarded to students from the University's School of Architecture .

FotoCedida/Rewinnersof the International Fantastic Architectures Competition II award SketchUp-Joaquín Lorda with the jury

26 | 10 | 2023

The School of Architecture of the University of Navarra and SketchUp have chosen the winners of a new edition of the Fantastic Architecture Competition II award SketchUp-Joaquín Lorda, in recognition of the work of the professor of the academic center that gives its name to award.

All the winners are 3rd and 4th year students of Degree in Architecture at the University. Of the 16 groups of four people each that entered the competition, 'Balance of Times', formed by architecture students Valeria Mayacela, Camila Calderon, Claudia Santos and Michelle Feliz, was chosen by the jury as "the best design in terms of aesthetics and composition". This group has received, therefore, the first prize award, endowed with 1,000 €. The students have achieved an attractive atmosphere by recreating a "suggestive architecture with the combination and interpretation of classical and Byzantine elements". In addition, the jury emphasized the good use of the SketchUp program, "using it in the most efficient and expressive way". 

The second prize of 500 €, award, was awarded to the team formed by Izaro Urizarbarrena, María Echeverría and Lucia Ezquerro. For the jury, the group developed a good intellectual approach "by interpreting a modern work in classical language". According to the decision, "the original project, which combines the Savoy villa with the Pantheon of Agrippa, gives rise to contrasting theoretical approaches that are expressed with suggestive forms and compositions". 

In addition, three runners-up prizes were awarded for the 3rd, 4th and 5th best projects presented. Annual licenses for the use of the SketchUp program were also awarded to the winners, as well as other software products, in addition to the international dissemination of the award-winning work from the university and Trimble SketchUp platforms.

The jury was formed by: the director of the School of Architecture of the University, Carlos Naya; the Trimble SketchUp partner in Spain Julio Calle; the architect and professor emeritus of the School of Architecture of the University María Antonia Frías; the architect and manager of training of Álava and Navarra of COAVN, Daniel Maestu; and the architect and professor of SketchUp Miguel Acebrón.

This international competition, which is open to all architecture students and design from around the world, is a tribute to Joaquín Lorda (1955-2016), former professor of Architectural History and design at the academic center, researcher of the group Architectural Research Team Theory and History (ART T&H). The origin of competition lies in professor 's own use of Trimble SketchUp software in his classes. As the coordinator of group of research, María Angélica Martínez, recalls, "with these new technologies, Professor Lorda stimulated the creativity of future architects or professionals of design. Through work in small teams, they created large 3D architectural ensembles using forms and compositions with historical or fantastic roots".

"The students acquired historical and technological knowledge while at the same time stimulating their imagination," adds the professor and researcher. This learning, she stresses, "serves them in the professional internship both to create the real architecture of their time and historical restitutions or fantastic architectures". Techniques with applications in theatrical, cinematographic or video game scenarios, as well as in the museum field and in the field of tourism.