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The School of Nursing incorporates the case method in its teaching

It is a methodology used by IESE Business School to improve student learning.

27 | 01 | 2023

The School of Nursing presented to the students of Degree the new tool professor that will start to be used from this second semester. The case method is the main learning methodology used by IESE Business School, the issue 1 business school in the world according to The Financial Times. goal It is based on learning by doing and aims to prepare students to make strategic decisions in companies through the internship of real situations.

The session was presented by Virginia La Rosa, vice dean of Office of Academic Affairs at School, and Javier Reguart, mathematician, architect and professor at IESE. internship It's a dynamic way for students to learn to make decisions that solve real problems they will encounter in their professional lives," said La Rosa. "We believe it's the perfect complement to the methodologies currently implemented at School.

For his part, Reguart explained that the case method "provides effective results on a day-to-day basis" and encouraged students to "reinvent themselves and change attitudes in order to change circumstances".