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The University of Navarra participates in a kendo tournament in Valencia, Spain.

Experts from Waseda University (Japan) were present at quotation .

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Kendo combat.
PHOTO: University of Navarra
27/02/14 15:19 Sports Service

On the weekend of February 22 and 23 took place the annual university event in which the University of Valencia invites students from Waseda University (Japan) to participate in a course and competition, along with Japanese masters of very high level.

In the men's competition, 16 teams of 3 people participated, while in the women's competition, five teams of three members took part. The team from the University of Navarra, formed by Javier Armendáriz, David Barasoain (Degree at Chemistry '16) and Xabier Cortés (Master's Degree at Cell and Molecular Biology '09) faced the Kenwakai team (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) and the team from the University of Valencia.

As in previous years, the team from Madrid, one of the most powerful at national level, beat the team from the University of Navarra, but not before scoring in one of the bouts. Then, in the confrontation with the University of Valencia, the representatives of the University of Navarra could not recover the lost ground against the team from Madrid and did not advance to the next round.

The men's and women's finals were practically a demonstration of the Japanese university students' dominance, defeating the Valencian and Madrid teams, respectively. Not surprisingly, the men's team was last year's champion in Kanto Prefecture, which includes Tokyo and other large cities.