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The University had an economic result of 22 million euros in the 2021-22 academic year.

The activity professor, assistance and research grew in all the centers, according to the report economic

FotoManuelCastells/Students from Degree of Medicine practicing in the new classroom of Microscopy.

23 | 02 | 2023

During the 2021-22 academic year, the University of Navarra and the associated research centers (Cima y Ceit) had a result of 22.1 million euros, slightly lower than the 23.6 million euros of the previous year. The University increased its revenues to 622 million euros, 64 more than in 2020-21 thanks to the growth in activity professor, assistance and research. As a result, the academic centers and research, the Clinic and the IESE Business School closed the year with a surplus.

As a non-profit institution, the University reinvests the surplus in its ordinary activities.

Overall operating expenses also grew, reaching 597.6 million euros, 58.6 million more than the previous year, while the financial result stood at -2.3 million euros. This is reflected in the financialreport for the 2021-22 academic year, which summarizes the activity of the four campus located in Pamplona, San Sebastian, Madrid and Barcelona, as well as IESE's international campuses.

In addition to this growth, the University of Navarra reached 6,556 professionals, 4,417 of whom work in Pamplona, and the amount allocated to staff reached 325.7 million.

Revenues and expenses by center

issue The academic centers and research earned 208.5 million euros - up 10 percent - thanks to the increase in the number of students from Degree, Master's Degree and doctorate, and the public funding obtained for research; the Clínica increased its income to 304.5 million - up 8.3 percent - due to the growth of its healthcare activity in Pamplona and at its Madrid campus; and IESE's income reached 115.2 million - up 24.6 percent - and IESE's income reached 115.2 million - up 24.6 percent.

In terms of expenses, those of the teaching centers and research amounted to 201.8 million euros, up 6.6%; those of the Clínica, 288.9 million euros, up 10%; and at IESE, 113 million euros, up 21% compared to the previous year.

The economic data of the different centers includes all the transactions of academic year. However, when presenting the information in an aggregated manner, the transactions carried out between centers have been eliminated.

6.5 million euros for scholarships

The General Manager, Álvaro Balibrea, thanked the professionals of the academic center for their "effort in the exceptional circumstances experienced during the last academic year, which has been noticed in the improvement of the activity professor, assistance and research". "It is good news that the University has two consecutive years with positive results, thanks to the commitment and dedication of our professionals. The goal is to continue with this rate of growth in the surplus to face the investments that improve the quality of our service and ensure the stability of the workforce."

subject In the chapter on grants, the General Manager highlighted that 7,791 people and 346 companies and institutions have made a financial donation to the University in the 2021-22 academic year: "Their generosity has made it possible to allocate more than 20.5 million euros to different projects. A total of 7.5 million of these donations have gone directly to research. The University of Navarra dedicated 93.4 million euros to the different projects of research and allocated 6.5 million euros to scholarships."