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139 media from 34 countries compete in the Malofiej Awards

The World Infographics Summit, which this year celebrated its 22nd edition, is organized by SND-E and School de Comunicación.

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27/03/14 12:37

The twenty-second edition of Malofiej, the reference letter international infographics event, was held in Pamplona. A total of 139 media from 34 countries competed for the Malofiej Awards. In addition, the Show, Don't Tell! workshop and the infographics summit, focused in this edition on big data, were held.

The fourteen members of the jury of the 22nd edition of the Malofiej International Infographics Awards arrived on Saturday, March 22 in Pamplona and began early Sunday to evaluate the 1,290 entries submitted this year, from 139 media from 34 different countries.

Of the total number of entries submitted, 934 are print and belong to 91 print media, and 356 are online and belong to 48 digital media. This year the SNDE Spanish Chapter office received 10 percent more entries than last year - 1,191 entries from 154 media outlets from 28 countries competed in Malofiej 21 - with entries from the Republic of Korea, Belarus, Dubai, El Salvador, France, Oman, Poland, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa and Slovenia.

Show, Don't Tell! issue 22

Eighteen journalists from media outlets around the world participated in the Show, Don't Tell! workshop for professionals, led by internationally renowned visual journalists Alberto Cairo, Geoff McGhee and John Grimwade. Its main activity has focused on the exhibition Infografías, by Jaime Serra, present in the same center since last Friday, March 21, when it was presented to the public. The exhibition is a selection of infographics from Deputy Director of La Vanguardia, which publishes a visual opinion column every Sunday.

22nd World Infographics Summit

The 22nd World Infographics Summit was inaugurated at the Huarte Contemporary Art Center. The event was presented by Javier Errea, president of the SND-E and Mónica Herrero, dean of the School of Communication of the University of Navarra. The bulk of the congress has taken place in the School Communication. In addition to the members of the jury, John Grimwade, former director of Infographics at Condé Nast Traveler (USA), also took part in the summit as speaker .

The final ceremony and closing dinner of the 22nd edition of Malofiej will take place at El Merca'o restaurant. Medals will be awarded to the main winners of competition. The Malofiej is already an essential international reference letter due to its prestige and convening capacity.

List of papers presented by country

USA: 20; Brazil: 18; Spain: 18; Germany: 13; UK: 10; Argentina: 5; Portugal:, 5; Costa Rica: 4; Netherlands: 4; Russia: 4; South Africa: 3; Colombia: 2; China: 2; Chile: 2; El Salvador: 2; Finland: 2; Italy: 2; Norway: 2; Oman: 2; Sweden: 2; Switzerland: 2; Singapore: 2; Belarus: 1; Korea: 1; Dubai: 1; Ecuador: 1; Slovenia: 1; France: 1; Guatemala: 1; Japan: 1; Mexico: 1; Poland: 1; Puerto Rico: 1.