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TEDxUniversidaddeNavarra celebra su segunda edición este sábado

The event, under the slogan #intothewonder, will start at 5 p.m. at School de Comunicación.

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group of organizers of TEDx University of Navarra. PHOTO: Courtesy
27/03/14 18:04

The second edition of TEDxUniversidaddeNavarra 2014: Into the Wonder will be held next Saturday, March 29, at 5 pm. The event will take place on the main floor of the School of Communication, a space where TEDx presentations will be held, interspersed with screenings of original TED talks. Given the success of the event, a classroom has been set up where the different presentations can be viewed simultaneously.

TED was born in the United States in 1984 as a lecture in which three themes come together: Technology, Entertainment and design, TED. Today, it shares ideas from many disciplines in more than 100 languages. TEDx events are independently organized under the umbrella of the organization and help spread worthwhile ideas around the world.

A group of twenty students from different Schools of the University of Navarra has organized a second edition of the event TEDxUniversidaddeNavarra, seeking to inspire with good ideas to all who see the talks, in the purest TED style. This time, the topic is Into the Wonder and is about the wonder of man before the world and the search for beauty through the capacity for wonder.

To convey this great message, the event has a repertoire of eight speakers, among them the doctor in Biology Ignacio López-Goñi, the photographer Lupe de la Vallina, and the orchestra director , Íñigo Pirfano, among others. They will talk, from their different worldviews, about their understanding of beauty, the pillar that shapes their great ideas.