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The University and Nasuvinsa create a Chair on new models in subject of housing and urban planning.

Both entities sign an agreement agreement for the School of Architecture to develop research activities and professor on different architectural responses to new social needs.

FotoManuelCastells/First row: Álvaro Balibrea and José María Aierdi. Second row: Asier Santas, Alberto Bayona, Carlos Naya and Eduardo Domingo.

27 | 03 | 2023

The department of Territorial Planning, Housing, Landscape and Strategic Projects of the Government of Navarra, through the public company Nasuvinsa, and the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra have created a Chair that will develop research, academic and teaching activities on innovative typologies of public housing, instruments of territorial and urban planning for people, systems of Building and sustainable construction or introduction of principles of urban sustainability, among other subjects.

The second vice-president of the Regional Executive, José María Aierdi, and the General Manager of the University of Navarra, Álvaro Balibrea, have signed a agreement that establishes the framework of partnership that will regulate the activities and financing of this new Chair Territory and Housing, which will be directed by the professor and director of the department of Theory, Projects and Urbanism of the School Asier Santas. In the agreement also participate the director General Manager of Nasuvinsa, Alberto Bayona, and the director of the School, Carlos Naya.

The activity of this Chair will be linked, in its applied research , to the program proposed by the public company Nasuvinsa, according to its need to offer innovative, sustainable or inclusive architectural responses in the promotion and management of the public housing stock and land planning. To this end, the Chair will carry out teaching, research, cultural and dissemination activities of knowledge.

The agreement details that, among other activities, it will develop specific research projects for Nasuvinsa or for companies and institutions, and will give courses and seminars, organize scientific meetings and conferences and collaborate in the edition and publication of works of interest on the subject.

"The Chair aims to respond to the challenges related to residential and community space; challenges that are undoubtedly directly linked to the solution of global and local problems of the contemporary world. Thus, the integral research around housing must be approached from various disciplines, guided by the strategic objectives of the Spanish Urban diary ," says Asier Santas.

At final, its activity can be summarized in three lines of action: research of new types of collective housing; progress in urban and territorial planning as well as in the integral regeneration of residential heritage based on the Spanish Urban diary ; and digitalization, industrialization and new technologies applied to housing rehabilitation and construction.

The public company Nasuvinsa will be part of the committee Governing Board of the Chair and will make an annual contribution of 40,000 € during the four-year term of the agreement of partnership, which came into force this year 2023. 

This Chair is part of the 2025 Strategy of the University of Navarra, which aims to contribute to sustainable social development , starting from the care of people and the environment, and through the interdisciplinary and applied research , the training of the youngest and the transfer of knowledge to society.